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Alicia's Prayer

Alicia Smith

Thank You Lord for giving me hope!

In my despair I struggle to cope.

The battle seems to never end.

I've lost myself once more again.

I can't see much from this point on.

My future is there, but is also gone.

I'm sorry for my fragile heart. 

I've had to mend it from falling apart.

Since You are Great, and I am small.

Can You help me climb over this wall?

I built it so many years ago.

Hoping to keep out those who are foe.

The path You have lovingly paved,

Leads me through some darker days.

I won't fear for my precious life!

Knowing, You are my guiding light.

If there's a lesson for me to learn.

Is it a chapter to finish? A page to turn?

Will I grow stronger not knowing why?

Or are answers for those when they die?

I'm done writing, so now I'll pray.

Ending this night to start a new day.

I know the devil is laying in wait,

But I've been protected for the Good Lord's sake.

-Alicia Smith