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Alicia Smith

Sometimes you just need to stop

Stop over-thinking, stop planning, and stop expecting.

To stop”, (in essence or action) means to do nothing or to prevent, but stopping can also allow progression to take place in peoples lives. A meaning some may never comprehend because they can’t accept the required actions that “to stop” demands for them to perform.

Some antonyms of stop are: start, begin, continue, and keep on.

Well, you can “start” something and never finish it. You can “begin” to fall. You can “continue” down a wrong path, and you can “keep on” making mistakes.

“Stop” doesn't carry such a negative connotation anymore, now does it?

Lets “start” to stop allowing negativity to come into our lives and think with a more positive attitude. Lets “begin” to stop expecting and be open to what life can offer us each individually. Lets “continue” to stop walking down dangerous paths by making better choices every day.

May we all stop and “keep on” smelling the roses, and never let anything good in our lives be dismissed because of planning too far ahead.


Written by, Alicia Smith (No alcohol was consumed in the process of blogging this letter) lol