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To You (I Can’t Name)

Alicia Smith

I’m so angry with you, but can I tell the truth?


You were never there, did you ever care?

You’re suppose to be my rock but THAT you are not!


You leave to feel free and just return as you please

Yes, my life is so different without you in it


I pray to forgive, just so that I can live

Hate is a sin, so I guess you win?


I write this poem alone in my bedroom at home

A bottle of red wine has opened this heart of mine


I’ll regret nothing knowing you left me something

What little it is can be made a short list:


A future full of hope because I learned to cope

A past far behind because it’s distanced with time

And a present that’s okay because tomorrow’s a new day


This was all about you, and that’s the honest truth…


(I tried to proof read this poem before publishing it, but that’s hard to do after drinking a bottle of wine) Cheers…

Love Always Alicia