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Poem to my dear friend Ashley Prince (July 14, 1987-Sept 30, 2006)

Alicia Smith

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Directly from my Personal Home Journal

Ashley Nicole Prince was a little sister to me. I love her and her family very much. Our families are very close. When she passed away on the morning of September 30, 2006 at her home in Lexington, Kentucky with her newborn son Max quietly sleeping in the bassinette next to her bed; she left many dear to her with a hole in their heart that could never be filled. Only support from each other and time could help adjust life without Ashley for her family and closest friends.

I want to thank Ashley for sparking passion and a never ending drive into my life. Because of her, a life I once thought was only a childhood fantasy of mine is my only reality I will allow myself to face. That reality is music. No matter where my journey in this entertainment industry leads me, I will always live my life doing what I discovered I can’t live without… Music

The poem I wrote displayed at her funeral:

“We Will Meet Again”

The day had come, the day had left

Your life was cut short with a silent death

You always knew someday you’d pass

Never to know, your youth was your last

We all loved you, and we all cared

We pray you knew, we hope you were aware

You’re in a place where there is no pain

Leaving us behind, with nothing the same

Great mother, daughter, sister, and friend

In Heaven we know we will meet again